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  1. 19/11/2010 USS Scholar ship List
  2. 11/11/2010  It Mela Entry Form
  3. 11/11/2010  Prematric Addl List Kollam
  4. 11/11/2010  DPI Circular about the directions on Conducting Science Fair
  5. 11/11/2010 Higher Secondary: Remittance of Share of Youth Festival Fees-Circular issued
  6. 11/11/2010  Higher Secondary: Remittance of Fee for Sports Meet.during 2010-11
  7. 09/11/2010  The Kerala Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Rules 2010
    Cover page ------Draft Rules
  8. 08/11/2010 Noon Meal Software           CLICK HERE
  9. 06/11/2010  Physical Education -Qualification of Teachers Revised Orders issued
  10. 06/11/2010  GIS Extension of time limit
  11. 04/11/2010  Directions to the organizers of Maths Fair
  12. 04/11/2010  Application form for the SSLC Duty as Dy. Chief Supt & Invigilator
  13.                              in Gulf & Lakshadweep
  14. 04/11/2010  Std VIII Maths  Answer Key  Click Here     Physics for  all Zone
  15. 03/11/2010  Single command for installing IT Exam for Mid Term
  16. 03/11/2010   School Codes Kollam District
  17. 02/11/2010  ICT Toll Free Numbers
  18. 01/11/2010  DPI Circular about contingent charge for Milk Supply
  19. 01/11/2010  School Statistics Guidelines

11/11/2010  Prematric Addl List
29/10/2010  DPI Circular on IT Practical Mid term Examination
29/10/2010  IT@SchoolCircular on ICT Audit
28/10/2010  Questions Prepared by John Sir (STD X)    Questions Prepared by Haritha (zip file)(STD IX)

24/10/2010  Local Body election Details
24/10/2010 ICT Hand Book for the preparation of IT Audit
22/10/2010  LP-UP Half Yearly Examination-2010 Time table
22/10/2010 High School half Yearly Examination-2010 Time table
20/10/2010  SSLC (Hearing Impaired) Notification-2011
20/10/2010  Govt Order about the IT Audit in schools
19/10/2010  Election   directions  capsule  Pdf  PRO
14/10/2010  Facilities and Concessions to the staff engaged for the census duty
13/10/2010   SSLC  Notification 2011
08/10/2010   SSLC A LIST CD Installation Procedure
07/10/2010   Circular about IT Fest 2010-2011
05/10/2010   Appointment approval in additional division - Clarification
05/10/2010   Inter District Transfer of Teachers - Notification
02/10/2010   DPI Directions to the Employees & School Staff
02/10/2010   October 2 : Gandhi Jayanthi -Total sanitation campaign
02/10/2010    Promotion of School Sanitation & Hygiene Education  Booklet - Checklist - Presentation
02/10/2010    Protection of Aided School Teachers in Parent Schools -
02/10/2010    DPI Circular on Green School Reality Schow (Haritha Vidyalayam) - Website link
01/10/2010    Click here for STD IX : Mathematics , Physics   Click here for STD X : Mathematics , Physics 
                                                           Click here for STD X : Mathematics (English Version)
                                                            Click here for STD VIII Maths : Malayalam , English
01/10/2010    A list data collection Staff List For SSLC 2010
30/09/2010  Milk Supply to School Children
01/08/2010 GPF Calculating Software   Click Here
16/07/2010 DA/DR increased to 78%; Orders Issued    78%DA software

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